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Introducing ABC

Bespoke engraving and laser cutting

Welcome to ABC International

ABC International are based in Chelmsford, Essex and operate both Fiber & Galvo Lasers. We have a selection of Laser machines that can not only engrave onto almost any material but can also die cut intricate patterns or designs on to almost any product.

Lasering is non-damaging to the component and there is no need to clamp most items erasing the possibly of marking them during the laser process.

Our top of the range Lasers offer high precision (the laser beam can be focused to 30 microns) allowing even the smallest of component to be marked with no deterioration in the quality of the mark.

Laser etching is permanent, tamper proof and resistant to damage from chemicals and abrasion our marking will last the life span of the product


Your logo will never have looked so good, compare the quality of the engraving on our products with what is generally available. We guarantee to reproduce your logo or message for the best possible results.

Part of our service is to advise our clients on the best logo version and perspective for reproduction. We won't proceed with a job unless we believe you will be happy with the end results and products we supply.

Our broad range of lasers allows us to etch and engrave on nearly all products and material, such as Metals, plastics, ceramics, paper, glass etc. Producing quality logos, graphics, personalisation & symbols time after time.

Your Company Logo

Your logo is the first thing potential clients will see and possibly judge you on. It's imperative that the all important first impression looks professional and purveys the correct values of your company.

When branding products to promote your company quality and clarity are a must. Your logo or personalisation becomes a part of the product. When laser engraving or marking any product it needs to be right, it will stay marked and is impossible to remove and will not fade over time. The results look far superior to any kind of printing and won't chip or scratch and will last for the life of the product.


A run-of-the-mill or everyday object becomes an object of desire and affection when you personalise it and emotionally connect it to the recipient. Its uniqueness demonstrates thought and care giving it extra meaning and added value.

Done well personalised marketing is both inconspicuous and seamless. A home page that lists only goods I'm interested in, a direct mail piece which offers only things I'm likely to buy, or a travel company's email that presents destinations I'd want to visit might, to the non-marketer, seem little more than serendipity. Personalising your marketing and talking to the ÔÇťaudience of one" means hiving off the boring marketing speak and getting straight to the nub of what they want/need.

Our machines

C02 Laser cutters take your production to the next level. Made with Industrial grade components gives us faster movement, better precision and increased laser power. Our Blu125 Lasers come with the RetinaEngrave 3D ethernet controller, motorised z-stage, autofocus, knife edge and honeycomb trays and all necessary accessories. Made for us by the UK's leading manufacturer Lotus Laser Systems.

Galvo Laser system are based on moving mirror technology similar to what is used to create laser light shows. The mirrors make small adjustments in mirror angles to move the stationary laser beam in different directions within a specific cutting or marking area. The advanced Meta Galvo systems use a range of laser types including sealed Co2 and Fiber laser technologies so you can choose not only the best positioning method but the correct laser light for the job. The advantages of the Galvo system is the speed.

Marking cylindrical and curved objects with the laser requires a rotary engraving unit. Using it makes it possible to mark on the rotating object to make sure that your marking is good as it can be.

Typical areas of use:
  • Engraving and marking of drinking glasses, bottles and tumblers
  • Engraving of cocktail shaker and copper mugs
  • In general for cylindrical Pens etc.

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