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Never thought popping a phone would be so much fun!

The Phone Hold-Socket also prevents #Phoneface

The phone hold-socket is an accessory that sticks to the back of a hand held electronic device, mostly commonly a mobile phone, tablet or e-reader. It resembles a round button and is collapsable. When expanded it enables you to grip your phone more securely for selfies and of course videos.

They are a trendy fashion statement and are regularly used by celebrities.

Use it as a media grip: a phone socket makes activities like taking a video or selfie simple, using one hand, talking without having to put the phone to your ear or texting much easier. They also allow your phone to stand-up on a flat counter so you can have hands-free viewing. Pull the phone socket twice and lean your device in landscape orientation for the best view.

Colours available

It also works great for those of you with cabled earphones as you are able to wind the cable around the phone socket for tidy storage.

The phone socket is a perfect, handy phone accessory that’s a great giveaway “and will be used”. These work as great gifts helping to promote your business and services.

ABC Laser are able to help you brand your phone socket to make them more bespoke. Your logo or website address can always be to hand on a useable device, let's be honest who doesn’t own a mobile phone nowadays.

The phone socket is easily applied to the phone via a 3M adhesive backing and is available in one of seven colours. We are also able to offer Screen Printing should you opt for that kind of branding.

Our prices vary depending on quantities ordered. You will be surprised at our low costs for such a usable and great product.

No minimum order charges apply.

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