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What materials do we work with?

Below is a materials list to consider when designing your work, we have worked with a large variety of materials for different applications and can advise you on suitable materials for cutting and engraving.

If you would like to supply your own materials please send details of this within your enquiry.


Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
We stock quality Canford Paper & Card in 150gsm & 300gsm.
Specialist Manilla Card for stencils is also available.

Please see our COLOUR SWATCHES for Canford card in stock.


Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm & 10mm
Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
Many types of wood can be engraved and other woods such as MDF, veneer can be cut.
Other wooden items can also be engraved.


Thickness: 1-10mm
Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
Available in many different colours, acrylic is the ideal plastic to use for many projects including signage, promotional materials and jewellery.


Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
We do not stock leather, however we do work with material supplied by our clients. Leather achieves great results when etched and a clean cut edge.


Etching only
Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
We also have a ROTARY option for glass, allowing us to etch cylindrical objects.


Etching only
Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
Brushed steel/stainless steel & titanium.


Maximum size: 1000mm x 610mm
Mylar is a flexible plastic which allows us to cut thin stencils for various applications.


Engraving is also possible on granite, slate, ceramics, stone and marble.

Should you be looking to work with something else please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss.

Other information

Laser cutting and laser engraving of woods & laminates, card & paper stock, various plastics, leather, felt, fabrics, and many more things that can be etched or cut, as well as the marking of glass, mirror, marble & anodised aluminium.

We can work with you to create or convert your sketches and ideas to a final product or prototype.

Prices are complex things in our line of work — on the one hand we discount for more time on the machine, on the other we often have to put in the extra work to convert files or develop a client's ideas.

Then there are materials, setups and handling, all of which we recognise as being as important to your work as the lasering process itself.

Put simply — you can call or drop us an email, outlining what you want to achieve (including designs, materials & quantities), and we'll try to get back to you within a day with a quotation or some questions.

No matter how smaller quantity you may require we are always happy to discuss, unlike some companies we do not have a minimum order value.


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